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Jack Mifflin, Kameramann Österreich, Dream Wild Films, Austria

Jack Mifflin

I am an award-winning wildlife filmmaker and cinematographer; recognised by Jackson Wild and the American Society of Cinematographers. Based in Vienna, Austria. With experience including broadcast, non-profit and commercial work. Currently I am working on various projects under my new production company, Dream Wild Films.


Working as co-director and co-cinematographer with my filmmaking partner, Yaz Ellis, our latest film Marmots on Toast set to be released June 2024, was selected as the winner of Wildscreen x National Geographic's Wild Pitch 2022. And our last film Beavers About Town won the Cinematography Short Form Award at the 2022 Jackson Wild Media Awards, judged by the American Society of Cinematographers. 


The films Yaz and I create, have a particular focus on how wildlife is adapting to and challenged by human impact, in our increasingly urban world. With subjects including alpine marmots dependent of humans for food, urban beavers living amongst people, flower-eating ground squirrels battling habitat destruction; love-struck toads crossing our roads and the wild hamsters finding sanctuary in the middle of a city.


I have also self-published The British Primitive Goat - a photography book aimed to change the perception of a wild goat species that has no protection in the UK.

I am based in Vienna, Austria

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