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Marmots on Toast teaser trailer

Marmots on Toast

Marmots on Toast is a short film about the complicated relationship between humans and feeding wildlife, starring some incredibly adorable and friendly marmots. This film won wildscreenorg and natgeo’s Wild Pitch back in October 2022. And after 7 months of waiting for the marmots to wake from hibernation, Yaz Ellis and I set off to the Austrian Alps where we spent two weeks documenting these cheeky mammals.


Currently in post production.

Beavers About Town

The city of Vienna is home to over 230 beavers, including one special beaver family who are the stars of this film. We follow them as they navigate the urban world they have made their home. From living in an unexpected “lodge”, swimming past humans everyday and using empty boats as places to relax. You’ve never seen beavers like this before. 

2022 - co-director, co-cinematographer and editor

Rescuing Mark, Albanias Last Restaurant Bear

Mark lived a sad life as the last restaurant bear in Albania. However, FOUR PAWS's dedicated team gave their all to rescue him, and bring him to BEAR SANCTUARY Arbesbach. Where he can now, finally, live a species-appropriate life.


A film made for FOUR PAWS International. © FOUR PAWS 

2022 - director, cinematographer and editor

Wildlife Showreel

Wildlife Cinematography showreel. Filmed in Austria using Lumix S1H and infrared converted Canon 5D Mkiii. 

Wake Up & Smell The Flowers

After six months of hibernation, the adorable European Ground Squirrels are finally waking up - and they are hungry! Witness their spectacular flower feast and follow them as they have something very important to prepare for...

2021 - co-cinematographer and editor

A Word of Warming

The charismatic and gorgeous Mountain hare live in the Cairngorms of Scotland. They depend on winter's snow but on a warming planet things are not as they should be...

2020 - co-cinematographer and editor

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